Assignment 1 – submission

Assignment one
Asking for feedback

1. Prepare a PDF document with the intention of showing it to an industry professional and asking them politely for a short piece of feedback. This should contain an edit of the work you produced for Body of Work. You may wish to include an overarching artist’s statement as well as the introduction you wrote in Body of Work. In the first instance, you’ll use this to introduce your work and your ideas to your tutor who will give you suggestions on the submission itself and how to enhance the PDF before sending it out. Please tell your tutor who the PDF is intended for and include some background information on how you’ll contact them. Make sure that you’ve researched the form your submission should take; some organisations still ask for a CD/DVD, for example, which you should prepare in advance..

2. Having taken your tutor’s comments on board, use your PDF document (or, if applicable, a hard copy portfolio or CD/DVD) to get some feedback from a professional photographer or another professional from within the industry. This could be done via a portfolio review or by a contact you already have.’

This is the portfolio I prepared for review with my tutor for Assignment 1

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