Portfolio review planning

In parallel with working on my portfolio pdf, I am planning who I will ask to do reviews. Collective portfolio reviews is one option – those associated with photography exhibitions and festivals. The other possibility is to approach individual photographers, and it is this I intend to pursue initially. I have two photographers in mind initially.

Stuart Franklin is a member of, and ex-president of, Magnum. I have worked with Stuart briefly, assisting him on a project in Brittany as part of his book ‘Analogies’, published in 2019. I have asked him to review my Body of Work and he has agreed.

Tristan Poyser is a Manchester-based photographer who produced the most recent photography series about the Irish border. The Invisible In-between was exhibited at Belfast Exposed in 2019. I thought that his opinion of the work would be valuable, given his relatively recent exploration of the border and photographic interpretation of it.

Beyond that I plan to get further reviews at Photo Meet in London in June. As part of my work experience plans I will be working as a volunteer on setting up and running the event. One of the benefits of this is that I will be offered free portfolio reviews.

To quote from their website, Photo Meet is ‘A one-of-a-kind event in the creative heart of one of the world’s leading photography capitals, attendees will receive tailor-made advice in one-to-one portfolio reviews  with experts drawn from across the industry, together with talks, workshops, screenings and organised networking opportunities, where they’ll learn more about the dynamics of the contemporary photography market.’

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