Portfolio review by Tristan Poyser

During Body of Work and Contextual Studies I reviewed all the work I could find on the Irish Border. The most recent work was a project called The Invisible In-between by Tristan Poyser. As well as being recent it was also unusually, made by an Englishman. I thought it would be valuable, therefore, to ask him to review my work.

The physical presentation of my body of work is important, as the printing on Irish linen is part of the concept. Rather than just send Tristan a pdf, therefore, I arranged to meet him in person in Manchester, where he lives.

This proved to be a wise decision as Tristan very much appreciated the haptic qualities of the linen print and could see what the medium added to the work. We had a long conversation about my project, and I also took the opportunity to discuss his work with him. I will post the outcome of that discussion elsewhere.

This is the review which Tristan sent me after our meeting:

I take away these points from this review:
1. The point about the border often consisting if  easily-crossed waterways is successfully made.
2. The newspaper cuttings are successful in creating narrative.
3. As I always felt, the physical presentation of the images on linen is an important part of the project.
4. As I have already considered after Stuart Franklin’s review, the newspaper cuttings are too dense to form part of a visual presentation, although I still think there could be room for them in a book.
In terms of actions for me, there are two main ones:
1. Consider how best to present the images in electronic form, given the importance of the linen.
2. Review all the newspaper cutttings and try to distil a more succinct narrative using fewer and shorter clips.


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