Assignment 2 – draft outline

I am going through the requirements for my publication proposal and making some initial notes for expansion into the final submission. My starting point is the list of requirements on page 52 of the course notes. Given the Covid-19 situation and the closure of all galleries it is virtually impossible to plan an exhibition at the moment. My plan will therefore be based on on the creation of a large hand-made book with a. view to exhibiting the work on a larger scale when it is possible to arrange an exhibition. The book will also serve as a demonstration of the nature of the work to potential gallery operators and curators.

According to the course notes, the proposal should include:

‘A timeline for the development of your project, your marketing strategy and the resolution of your work, including installation if appropriate.’

My intention is to submit this module for assessment in November hence my timeline will work back from that point. The deadline for submission of materials is the 30th September, so I will need to have the book ready around the end of August so that I can get feedback on it to submit for Assignment 5.

‘A description of the work. Use the work you did for Contextual Studies to help you position your work in its critical and/or commercial context. Briefly explain your motivations and how the project fits within your practice more broadly.’

My Body of Work concerns the border on the island of Ireland between the UK province of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Its final form is quite different to my initial idea in that it is more conceptual than literal documentary. Here I will briefly explain the journey from the original idea to the final outcome and refer to my essay for Contextual Studies, which concerns the use of landscape as metaphor and allegory in documentary photography. My practice is primarily documentary-based, and I will explain that this body of work is a development from the idea of staged documentary and uses text to create a discourse with the viewer.

‘A budget, detailing the costs associated with the resolution of your project and identifying any payment in kind.’

I have already established details costs for the production of the book, notably the production of linen prints, their mounting and binding into a book. To this I will need to add a costing for my own time.

‘A description of how you intend to maximise the presence of your work and engage with your audience, such as your plans for a private view, screening event or artist’s talk.’

With a one-off book this is a tricky one. Firstly I could try and take it to as many portfolio reviews as possible, including arranging one to one portfolio reviews with photographers I have already contacted for Assignment 1. I could also view the book as a precursor to an exhibition, taking it around galleries and curators to stimulate interest in staging an exhibition of the work. The book itself could also feature in the exhibition.

All of the above relates to production of a book, but I am also thinking of planning for an exhibition. Even if the exhibition itself does not take place before I submit for assessment, I can demonstrate that I have done the planning and costing to facilitate an exhibition. In the interim I will also consider a virtual online exhibtion, although this would not be ideal as the physical presentation of work is a key part of my concept.

I have already done some work on the creation of a book during Body of Work and I will build on that during SyP. In particular I want to look at ways of reducing the cost so that it might be possible to produce more than just one book, while retaining the linen prints.

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