Assignment 2 – submission

Assignment two
Publication proposal

Following the points listed below, write and send to your tutor a comprehensive proposal showing in detail how you intend to resolve and deliver or disseminate your major project. Refer to the brief for Assignment Five for more detail about what is expected of you for the resolution of your major project.

Your proposal should include:

A timeline for the development of your project, your marketing strategy and the resolution of your work, including installation if appropriate.

A description of the work. Use the work you did for Contextual Studies to help you position your work in its critical and/or commercial context. Briefly explain your motivations and how the project fits within your practice more broadly.

A budget, detailing the costs associated with the resolution of your project and identifying any payment in kind.

A description of how you intend to maximise the presence of your work and engage with your audience, such as your plans for a private view, screening event or artist’s talk.The whole document should not exceed 2,000 words. If you’d like to explore a more experimental approach to the proposal, send any ideas to your tutor.

I confess that I have been prevaricating somewhat over my publication proposal for Assignment 2. Before the lockdown I had expected to submit it in early April and all was going to plan until the country started to shut down in late March. Fortunately I had already done some work on the creation of a hand-made book, so I am able to do some planning for that, but an exhibition during this course now seems out of the question.

I was hoping to get a clearer idea of what the rest of the year holds before submitting my publication plan, but I gradually realised that even the immediate future is so uncertain it is impossible to plan for any kind of physical exhibition of work at the moment. I am not even to submit my physical work to my tutor, let alone for assessment.

So I decided to bite the bullet and make a plan based on the creation of a book, with as much planning as I can reasonably do at the moment, and then update the plan as events unfold through the year.

This is the plan I have submitted to my tutor. There are two documents: a descriptive text document and a Gantt chart. Since they are very likely to change I have given them a revision number.

OCA SYP Publication Proposal rev 1

OCA SYP Publication Proposal timeline rev 1

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