Work placement – Photo Meet Open Call

Since the Photo Meet event in June was sadly cancelled, and with it my work opportunity,  Photo Meet has launched an Open Call in conjunction with Northern Narratives to offer a platform to artists and image-makers whose work has been interrupted by the lockdown.

Northern Narratives is an arts organisation set up by photographer Ken Grant and curator Tracy Marshall to promote the creation and experience of photography.

Together Photo Meet and Northern Narratives set up this open call in conjunction with Printspace, using their creativehub site. Photographers were asked to upload a selection of their work, together with a short piece of text describing how their work had been affected by the pandemic.

Since I will not be able to work at the cancelled Photo Meet event, I decided there would be no harm in asking Mimi Mollica if there was any was I could help with his work on this open call. Mimi said I could help him prepare for the latest feature, which was on a series of work by Greek photographer Ilias Georgiadis called Over.State.

Mimi shared the work with me via Zoom, and we talked about layouts. During the conversation Mimi asked me how I felt about interviewing Ilias, and I said I would be happy to. I asked Mimi to give me an idea of the questions he would like to ask, and from this I prepared a list of questions for the interview, adding some of my own. Then I ran the list of question past Mimi by email and he made a couple of suggestions for changes.

Tomorrow I will interview Ilias by Zoom.

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