Work placement – interview with Ilias Georgiadis

This morning I interviewed Greek photographer Ilias Georgiadis via Zoom about his series Over.State (Georgiadis, 2019) as part of my work experience with Mimi Mollica and Photo Meet.

I prepared a list of questions and then talked to Ilias for about an hour, recording the conversation with his permission. The questions served as a starting point for our conversation, but I revised and annotated them during our discussion so as to bring out what seemed important ate Ilias about the work, and ensure that the interview included aspects that he wanted to talk about or the opposite. This was my brief from Mimi.

Questions for Ilias Georgiadis -revised


After the interview I spent some time going through he recording and creating a concise written record of the interview. I then sen this to Ilias for his approval and he made some minor changes. Then I submitted this to Mimi and he created his layout for the article around the interview.

Interview with Ilias Georgiadis 10 June 2020 reviewed

The interview was published on the Photo Meet website today (Photo Meet, 2020).


Georgiadis, I (2019) Over.State Warsaw: Blow Up Press [online] at:
Accessed on 10th June 2019

Photo Meet (2020) Ilias Georgiadis
[online] at:


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