Work placement – Photo Meet Open Call feature

My latest work with Photo Meet was helping in the preparation of a feature entitled The Rural consisting of work submitted by a number of photographers to the Photo Meet / Northern Narratives Open Call.

This was to be a group feature contrasting with an earlier feature entitled The Urban.

The photographers and selected images were chosen by Mimi Mollica – I will write separately about working on this process with him – and he supplied me with a list of questions he wished me to put to the photographers. I proof-read the questions and then suggested some minor alterations.

The main work was to contact all the photographers, send them the questions and edit their replies before submitting them to Mimi for the feature. Of course, there was some chasing up required, but most came back to me very quickly.

I also wrote the introduction to the feature, starting with Mimi’s brief for the feature and synthesising the themes as described by the photographers in their submissions.

The feature was announced on Facebook and Mimi kindly credited me for my assistance with the project.



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