Work Placement – Photo Meet contact management

This task was to trawl through all the submissions to the Photo Meet . Northern Narratives Open Call on the Printspace Creative Hub and collate all their email addresses, websites and social media links. Although some photographers had provided details many had not, so I had to obtain the information through a combination of messaging them on the Creative hub and tracking down their websites from their names and project details. I then compiled a spreadsheet with all the information.

One thing I learned from this exercise is never submit work without providing your contact details. Not all curators would be willing to take the time to track you down I’m sure.

The purpose of this exercise was to be able to contact all those who had entered the Open Call, not only to thank them for entering, but to ask them all to participate in one last feature, to be entitled ‘Postcards from Covid’. For this feature, all the entrants to the Open Call will be asked to select one of their own images for inclusion in the feature.

I have now taken over all communication with the Open Call entrants on behalf of Photo Meet.

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